Monday, June 27, 2016

Vintage Folding Chair Makeover

I was super excited to find these two vintage folding chairs at a garage sale for only $1 each. They were screaming, "Take us home with you!" So I did.

My little helper helped me to sand them in readiness for the really pretty aqua color I chose.

To remove the seat covers, I had to pry up the tabs on the bottom of the frame with a screwdriver. They came off pretty easily.

While waiting for the paint to dry on the frames, I got to work designing the textile for the seat. I had a piece of white fabric that I'd also picked up recently at a garage sale for $1. I measured the spaces between stripes starting with 1/2 inch, then 1 inch, and finally 1 1/2 inch spaces with masking tape.

I spray painted the fabric with the same paint used on the chairs to ensure a perfect color match.

To allow for ease of changing in the future, I simply secured the fabric to the seat frame (for lack of a better word to use for it) with masking tape. Since this area will be sandwiched between the seat frame and the chair frame it won't be seen.

These rectangular holes are where the tabs on the bottom of the seat frame fit, and are folded back down to attach the seat.

And, the finished product...

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  1. These look fabulous Christy, love the colour! Bargain at $2 too!
    Linda xxxx