Wednesday, June 29, 2016 now has a creative section for streaming live!

Hi all!

I wanted to stop in and tell you all about an alternative to a site that a lot of us as crafters have used in the past to host classes and craft live. has been a platform for gamers in the past, but it now has a new section where we can be creative live! I have used Twitch in the past to play games live online and look forward to using the new creative section. I am in the process of setting up my channel, and will add a link to this post (or maybe make a new post) when I get this complete. It will be linked directly to my YouTube channel as well, so that when I stream, the video recording will be automatically added to my YouTube channel. One great thing about Twitch is you don't have to deal with the constant load issues this other popular site has. Twitch is dedicated to providing the best experience possible to live stream your creativity.

I hope to see you all soon!

a.k.a LadyInnominate

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