Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A sticky situation...

Hi everyone!

I decide to do a couple of projects for two of my children's teachers to give a little back for all their support and help in preparing my children for a successful future. I was altering a couple of cigar boxes (which I will share when I have them complete) and was about to remove the adhesive backed stickers the way I learned to do it from my grandma. I thought, "Why not share so that others will learn a time saving technique." I paused in my task to make this little video to share with you. Hope this helps someone who might have had a little sticker trouble in the past, whether it be on a craft project, something around the house, or even removing a pesky label from a gift that they are giving.

I have to point out that in my example I was removing a sticker from wood and was able to use my heat tool (It just happened to be handy.) You can use a hair drier to do the same thing, it just may take a little longer. I would not recommend using a heat tool on any kind of plastic and when using a hair drier don't keep it on one area too long because it can warp or potentially melt the item or packaging.

That being said, here is the video:

Have a great day!

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